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Get Closer to Buyers

Your products, in the right place at the right time




Digital is here to stay

Ecommerce didn't replace brick & mortar retail, but it changed it forever. Buying journies today start online, even in b2b: vendors with bigger, better digital sample lines are closing more sales.


Discover how digital inventory can reduce costs & drive sales

Join the premium global network


The only global finished jewelry & watch platform

Blue chip retailers & premium independents

Most stringent membership controls on the market ensure only vetted buyers & vendors

The platform of choice for market leaders


Gain Efficiency


One system, one format, many customers

Closed lines & open lines in one showroom

Automate pricing  by product, by customer, by geography 

Control visibility across your sales teams


Earn Visibility


After the effort to load your sample line, immediately gain unprecedented visibility & filters your own sales team has never enjoyed before

Retailers can share their sales data with trusted vendors in real-time, empowering your partnership with them

Standardized format across all customers on Loupe, means you can filter a single data set by customer, providing unprecedented visibility and business continuity for owners 


unprecedented filters

Leverage Virtual Inventory


Unlimited by time or cost - no raw materials

No maintenance & never degrades

Available anytime, anywhere, no travel required

Much easier to filter & search

Available to all customers at the same time


Loupe has helped us streamline our communication with our retail partners
verigold vishal
Vishal Shah
Chief Operating Officer - Verigold
Loupe helped us gain better insights and clarity into our sample line, and it's structure made for a better experience for us and our customers
in kim elite group
In Kim
CEO - Elite Group
Loupe is changing the landscape of how vendors and merchants at SIgnet communicate. As we find ourselves needing to do more and more remotely, Loupe's partnership with Signet provides an interactive platform for better business.
goldstar Steven
Steven Lerche
Chief Operating Officer - Goldstar


Free to Try

Unlimited products & users 

Value-based pricing

You only pay when you derive value

Cheaper than a single trade show

We are on 24/7 all year round


Get your sample line out of folders on drives


Benefit from the most powerful data set in the industry


Salespeople with digital sample lines in tools that allow them to easily navigate get better results

Share Systems

Get closer to customers by working daily on the same system

Drive Intelligence

Standardized sales data from multiple customers makes you a more intelligent vendor

Embrace Data

Put data at the heart of your business, make better decisions, faster


How Much Does it Cost?

Our system is free to use, indefinitely and without limit to products, users, or your company's visibility. You can even connect with as many customers as you can attract, sharing your samples & submitting quotations without incurring any fees.

You only start to pay when you receive value from our service. This means when a retailer has confirmed your product for their assortment and when purchase orders have been generated.

You pay in line with your total customer activity, not in relation to any single customer. 

Lifecycle wheel - uncompressed

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Make sure the email address is the individual you intend to be your account administrator.


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