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Creating the first digital ecosystem for jewerly & watches


Why we built Loupe


Real problems for customers: no appropriate technology

The jewellery industry is one of the most diverse and complex industries in the world. With this comes the difficulty to find appropriate, fit for purpose software. Compared to other luxury industries, we lag far behind modern best practices when it comes to leveraging data, streamlining workflows, and optimising the efficiency of our supply chains. Jewellery companies have been unable to benefit from modern software tools, and are increasingly unable to keep pace with consumer expectations driven by adjacent sectors such as fashion and apparel.

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Jewellery companies have been unable to benefit from modern software tools.


Structural Inefficiency

The light-bulb moment for Loupe was when our founder Dominic sat in a trade show booth in Italy in 2016. He was consulting with a large Italian vendor, who that morning had three large American retailers in the booth at the same time. Silvia, the daughter of the owner of the company was looking depressed. Dominic asked her "What's the matter? You have some great customers in the booth, I can see your competition in the hallway gazing in enviously..."

Silvia dropped a big wad of printed paper onto the desk and replied "This is my problem: another software manual from one of our customers that I have to learn. It’s bad software that we’re forced to use in order to do business with them, and it’s all explained poorly in these PDFs."

Dominic paused for thought. He hadn’t needed a software manual since buying his first iPhone, a powerful, innovative tool that had changed his personal and professional life forever...

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This is my problem: another software manual from one of our customers that I have to learn.


"The problem is that we only have five people in the sales team, and we have more than 20 of these portals to use. We also have hundreds of customer-specific excel formats we’ve been instructed to use by our clients. When I go on holiday or get sick, nobody can cover me because it is impossible for us to all learn every system and every format."
Dominic thought about how this dynamic also plays out for small retailers who need to log in to vendor-specific portals every time they want to place or track an order, denying them a single source of truth for all their business. It seemed unfair that a big retailer could get this efficiency, but a small retailer could not.

Then the lightbulb came on, and the simplicity of a single solution came into focus: one piece of software, that could provide standardised formatting for everyone, and could be connected to everybody's own internal systems. An interface for the industry to connect and exchange data - in everybody’s interests and a win-win for both supply and demand.

Buyers can bring the entire trade show to their desks every day and interact with their vendor community in private or in groups, just as they would in a trade show, with a single space to place & track purchase orders across all vendors.
Vendors benefit by being able to aggregate the increasing number of their customers in one place, providing an always-on connection with even the most distant and hard-to-service customers, and easy aggregation of diverse orders & data into their systems.

By connecting our industry digitally, we can allow information to flow more quickly between companies, with fewer constraints. This will allow the productivity of all companies to increase, enabling our industry to modernise and compete with more digitally advanced sectors in luxury and fashion.

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The lightbulb came on: one piece of software that could provide standardised formatting for everyone.

Our Manifesto

Specialist for Life

Our industry is amongst the most complex, and deeply fragmented. It demands unique solutions and our focus will never be beyond jewelry & watches. 

Equitable Gains

In the long run, to be successful we must provide equal value to both demand and supply side of the industry.

Security First

Reputation takes years to earn and seconds to lose. We handle hyper-sensitive data for our clients, and we need to be hyper-responsible 


Connected Systems

Economies prosper when goods & services flow easily. Supply chains are no different, our mission is to enable images & data to flow more easily between trading partners.

Clean Data

Efficiency and growth depend on intelligence. Clean data is the foundation of intelligence and is at the heart of everything we do.

User Centric

We are pioneers, we build new tools that have never existed before. With this comes a responsibility to commit to refining those new tools to ensure they reach their full potential.

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Let’s define a new era of trade together