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Discover 10x clarity




Drive profit with better buying decisions

The value you receive is clarity, the tool you use to gain it is Loupe. Transparency driving visibility, partnership driving profitability for retailer & vendor.


The first tool designed for jewelry merchants

Centralise Merchant Operations

One single source of truth for your assortment and merchandising hierarchy, shared in real-time by all your buyers, merchants & sourcing colleagues.

Configure, visualize and roll-up complex buys across multiple vendors.

Discover products from the world’s premium vendors with our advanced search function, compare against your assortment.

This is a new visual interface for merchants that speaks their language as luxury professionals.


centralise merchant operations

Better products to market, faster

From brand-new ideas to modifications & resourcing, all the key workflows for your work-day now in the same place as your assortment, interact directly with vendors on images.

From ideation to SKU creation, streamline communication with your vendors and track all product development history to ensure accuracy and accountability through unlimited iterations.



better products to market

Standardize your Costs

Standardize your costs to better visualize and manage your profit margins.

Choose between standardized component across your entire supply chain vs unique agreements by vendor partner.

Pre-agree costs for diamonds, gemstones, pearls.

Pre-agree metal locks, loss rates and fixing allowances.

Sophisticated duty handling to allow for on-shore centre-stone mounting.

standardise your costs

Gain Transparency

Gain transparency into true vendor margin on every SKU to empower your negotiations.

Track version history and compare to your current version so you always stay in control.

gain transparency

Adjust with Agility

Ensure your prices stay in line with market fluctuations in precious metals and precious stones.

Update component costs across your entire assortment in one click - for example diamond PPCs.

Surgically exclude products across your SKU assortment where you have special terms - for example one-time buys and close-outs.

adjust with agility

Introducing Machine Assisted Buying

Seeing is believing. Tell the system what you are looking for and let it do the heavy-lifting for you. 

Predictive intelligence to support buyers at key decision junctions in the buying process reduce costly errors and accelerate learning cycles.


machine assisted buying

Focus Where it Matters

Our custom dashboards built around your business enable merchant & sourcing leaders to operate value-based vendor scorecards & rankings.

Our goal for our clients is to empower an annual conversation where the true value of the partner is surfaced:

  • How does this vendor rank on NPD conversion ratio comparative to others?
  • Yes this vendor is cheap, but we are experiencing regular problems in QC
  • Is this vendor's inventory turn in our top quartile?


Standardize Operations

Buying, sourcing & vendors all on one fit-for-purpose tool

Competitive Edge

Keep your business at the front of the innovation curve, and stay there as we innovate for you

Standardize Data

Your data cleansed for you at launch, preserved for your life-time as our customer

Gain Continuity

Rotate team members across product categories without missing a beat

Reduce Time To Market

Remove unnecessary manual administration with our integrated workflows

Connect Systems

Data-driven capabilities define winners in today's market, and connected systems are the cornerstone of rich & real-time data


Standardize Costs

Over 90% of your cost components can be pre-agreed, either universally or unilaterally with vendor partners

Drive Transparency

Eliminate opacity in your costs, and reward vendors who deliver your optimal combination of cost, quality & service.


Leverage & unlock your economies of scale


Discover 10x clarity today

Join the community of retailers around the world pioneering the future of sourcing in the precious world