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The Future is Now

Unlock world-class technology for your business in 8 weeks




Modern retail demands modern technology

Imagine having one centralized platform that connects your Website, POS, Inventory, and accounting systems so that they speak to each other and eliminate the need to input manual information. No downloads, servers to run, or expensive IT overheads.

The power to have clean, organized and centrally managed data that enables you to have intelligent insights into your assortment, every day on your terms. This is more than streamlining your admin, this is responding to the changing landscape of our industry, introducing technology that works as hard as you do.

We help you build an efficient, more connected business that saves you time, so you can be more present where it counts.

shopify pos reatil kit BUFFER

  • Elegant Point of Sale hardware that speaks to your luxury environment. 
  • Easy to use, intuitive software to use on the shop floor.
  • Single inventory system across store & web
  • No more manual product set up for store POS or your website
shopify_jewelry POS demo



3 Steps to success


Changing your POS is like having major surgery whilst still needing to go to work and do your day job - we understand.

That is why we go to extraordinary lengths to remove the friction and support your business in making the right decision.

If you enter our pilot and at the end decline, you can walk away and the only ask we will have is candid feedback so we can learn what didn't work for you.

  1. Sign up for your test drive

    Joining the waiting list for our no-win-no-fee pilot program where we will stand-up a brand new POS for you alongside your existing system

  2. We migrate your data for you

    We know you can't move to a new POS without bringing all your customer & purchase history with you. We do the heavy lifting for you, This takes 2-3 weeks. 

  3. Book in your test drive

    We give you a full retail week of red carpet service, with you every step of the way, as you test drive rining a sale, ringing a credit, processing a repair, placing an order, receiving inventory. If you like it, simply keep driving into a brighter future.

    Sound too good to be true?



Why this is relevant for your business

We know you

We love our jewelry industry. If you’re like us, you’ve spent your career honing how well you serve your retail clients and buyers. And you’re good at it.

You’ve spent your life learning the nuances of human relationships, on both sides of the counter, and how integral they are to running a successful jewelry operation that delights your clients. You’ve earned their trust.

When you come up against a challenge, you invest in your business to better serve clients, to positively impact the bottom line. 


We understand you

But you are likely stuck with systems that don’t speak to each other, requiring you to manually enter product data, source images, then lose time again with manual inventorying, and need to pay third parties to cobble together sales reports that should be automated. 

All this low-level admin stacks up, costing you & your team time that you could be focusing on your clients, presenting them that perfect piece or curating the ideal assortment that captures the season.

You deserve to have a system that works as elegantly and efficiently for you behind the scenes as you do for your clients.


We can help you

We know you’ve found workarounds to make existing systems work for you, but this leaves your business open to human error and data inconsistencies at each turn, which is both frustrating and costly. It slows down how quickly you deliver the piece that captures 
their hearts or create the perfect items of a curated assortment.

We have witnessed this even with the best retailers in our industry. In fact, it’s the reason why we created Loupe. We believe jewelers have a right to clean data, not have to duplicate their work efforts time and again. This is why we’ve standardized product information across the jewelry industry and created a cloud-based system that automatically plugs into leading POS providers.



How It Works

Rethink your technology requirements for your jewelry retail business, use specialist tools that work together to give you the best of both worlds.

Assortment & Purchasing
Jewelry & watch rich data
Enjoy clean data from the day you launch & never look back with our customer lifetime guarantee. Our unprecedented community-driven data set is powered by our industry, for our industry
Assortment & merchandising management
All your products in a giant spreadsheet that works well with images and never breaks. Your image-rich archive of everything you ever bought.
Assortment review
Powerful tools to help you manage your line review like the best in the business. We do all the hard work for you, so you focus on making the right decisions.
Assortment pricing
Sophisticated controls to lock retail prices or protect margins, even alarm systems if margins drop too low, everything a merchant ever wanted.
Assortment costing
Automated increments allow you to always know your margin on any product without needing to ask a vendor to reprice
Vendor quotations & sampling
Standardized formats and data make the comparison of offers much easier. Move entire Bill of Materials and vendor images into your assortment with just a few clicks.
Vendor management
All the tools you need to govern your supply chain as little or as much as you require
Purchase orders
A complete Order Management System designed for jewelers. We believe you deserve visibility over all of your orders in one place, can seamlessly integrate with your vendors b2b systems.
Inventory Receipt
Eliminate tiresome and error-prone manual inventorying. Mark your vendor's shipment in Loupe as received and see the inventory appear in Shopify as if by magic
3 way matching
With product price, purhased order, and automated vendor invoicing all on one system, your data is already matched and so reconciliation as a time-consuming burden for your accounts payable is consigned to history
Product Development
Automatic capture and centralisation of every modification request & new idea. Build an invaluable archive of all of your most valuable ideas to harvest for years to come.
Machine Assisted Buying
Heard about Machine Learning and feel confused or that it's not for you? think again. Use our Wishlist feature to leverage a machine to browse through thousands of vendor showrooms looking for your perfect item
Virtual Showrooms
24/7 access to vendors sample lines who decide to grant you access. Browse elegant vendor samples from premium vendors worldwide with powerful jewelry specific filters.
Supply Chain Chat
Don't wnat to give your cell number to a vendor? Don't want to keep answering the phone in-store to vendors? Use our chat system to manage vendor comms on your terms.
Point of Sale
In Store
World-class hardware and software taking your store & customer experience to the front of the innovation curve
the world's leading E-commerce provider for small businesses, as you already know.
Shopify becomes your single source of truth for inventory, shared across your store & web. Simple, clean & efficient.
Inventory Reporting
premium Shopify package only
Sales Reporting
Premium Shopify package only. Now you have everything in one system, there is no need for expensive third parties. Benefit from easy to use, self-service reporting that gives you everything you need and more.
Labelling & bar codes
unlimited choices of solutions to meet any need. Your business, your choice.
Custom Sales
Process sales for products & services you don't have in stock with easy to use workflows
Customer Servicing
SMS engagement
Message customers directly from Shopify using Loupe's extension application. Share conversations across your sales team.
Image rich, simple & easy-to-use repair processing. Custom locations to track your servicing partners.
Specials & Custom Jobs
Capture specials and custom jobs and link them to product development jobs in Loupe where needed

How much does it cost

Shopify Standard
Shopify Premium
Shopify Standard
Shopify Premium


Shopify Core

Shopify Store

Loupe monthly fees


Loupe Fee









Come and Kick The Tires

We have set up a demonstration store on 47th Street next to Grand Central Station in mid-town New York so you can come and try out the solution we are proposing first-hand.  




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John Smith
Marketing Director
Master cleanse banh mi blog kinfolk, pitchfork try-hard mustache paleo. Tumblr church-key vice brooklyn whatever chia. Single-origin coffee echo park 3 wolf moon salvia humblebrag distillery palo santo.
John Smith
Marketing Director
Master cleanse banh mi blog kinfolk, pitchfork try-hard mustache paleo. Tumblr church-key vice brooklyn whatever chia. Single-origin coffee echo park 3 wolf moon salvia humblebrag distillery palo santo.
John Smith
Marketing Director


Cloud Based

Both systems are hosted in the cloud meaning you don't need that room with computers and a fan anymore

No IT guys

Cloud-delivered systems means your service provider takes on all maintenance, and the cost is included in your monthly subscription fee

No Expensive Upgrades

Cloud systems are upgraded on a weekly if not daily basis. You are always on the latest version, it is all part of your subscription service.

As secure as your bank

So easy to customize you will think you have developed super powers.

Firewall Access

your data cannot be seen by anyone unless you give them permissions. systems within systems

Your Data, Our Liability

Each template is responsive and designed to look awesome on all devices.

Value for Money

Once you factor upgrades, this is the same pro-rata cost, but major upgrade in capabilities

Unlocks Growth

Instead of investing time in basic administration, you

Compound Benefits

Each template is responsive and designed to look awesome on all devices.

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