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The #1 purchasing & assortment management system

For jewelry and watch retailers 

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The specialists' tool of choice 

Our mission is to connect and empower jewelry professionals through technology.


Our product is the first jewelry merchant-centric solution of it's kind, meeting the unique needs of luxury watch & jewelry professionals.

Our vision is that jewelry retailers of any size should be free to choose the best modern POS or ERP tool without having to compromise or customize to meet their needs. Our system has been designed to manage all the complexity of the precious world, so other systems don't have to: 

  • comprehensive watch & jewelry system & data set
  • 168 currencies
  • live precious metal feeds
  • powerful vendor cost controls
  • sophisticated retail pricing tools
  • And much much more...


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Premium & vetted vendors


Years ISO27001 certified

Advantage Retailer

Imagine when reviewing your vendor cost breakdown that Excel could:

  • automatically point out any stone grade & color combinations that were not in your approved list
  • automatically alert you if the quoted PPC is different than what you have agreed with your vendor
  • automatically calculate the difference between your vendor's quoted cost for stones in a given product against current market prices

Imagine a software program that rolled up all that granularity automatically for you, leaving you to focus only on the decision making…..

The Future is Now

Tired of repetitive manual data entry? Do you feel that the internet revolution has benefitted other businesses more than yours? Do you view your clunky POS as a "necessary evil"?

We have the answer. By adopting Loupe, not only will you get to choose an A-list POS provider that will delight your team & customers, but you will gain access to a suite of tools to manage your product development, assortment management, and purchase order management that your business has not enjoyed to date


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Embrace Digital

Your business depends on in-person meetings where relationships matter and the ability to touch and feel the product closes the sale. 

Best in class vendors today recognise that just as retail has become a hybrid of in store and online, the b2b world is going through a similar evolution.

The best vendors today invest heavily in their digital sample line and technology solutions in order to deepen their connections with their customers because they understand that - just as in retail - the privilege to present our products in person now frequently depends on digital efficiency first.


Our industry, Our expertise

We understand the complexity of the precious world. We have built unprecedented data sets across the industry, and brought them to life with educational, elegant tools.

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We make complex simple

Even for professionals, the sheer complexity of keeping track of changing commodities & fluctuating diamond prices across diverse and intricate categories can be a daunting task.  We work to turn complex into simple every day, providing our clients with a cleaner lens into their business, and greater focus where they need it the most.


We have what you need

The reality for jewelry and watch companies is that most software is developed for cross-category purposes and doesn't provide specialist solutions that address our industries' specialist needs. Loupe is a next-generation software system focused exclusively on jewelry & watch needs.


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Join our community of leading jewelry and watch companies that are shaping the future of our industry. Each member company is vetted extensively upon application to ensure the security of our members' data.


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